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Extract from the
Will of Sir Ivo FitzWarin (1343-1414)

6th November 1412. Ivo FitzWaryn, Knt. ... my body to be buried in the chancel, next my father in the parish church of Wantynge, on the north part of the aforesaid chancel. . . . Also I will that my executors make no great expenses about my hearse for pomp of the world, but that they feed neighbours and other poor folk on the day of my burial, so that they pray for my soul. I give and bequeath to the monks of the monastery of Milton, serving God there, that is to say to the convent, to celebrate 100 masses for my soul, 40 shillings immediately after my decease. Item, I leave to the Abbot of the same place one good silver cup with a cover gilt. To the monks of Cerne xls. immediately, for 100 masses to be celebrated, & co. ... to each of the Orders of friars of Sarum, xxs., & co. ... to each Order of friars of Bristol, xxs. ... to the friars of Yvelchester [Ilchester], xxs. ... to the friars of Dorchester, xxs., to pray for my soul and that of Maud, my wife. . . . to Philippa FitzWaryn, my sister, a nun of Wilton, and [sic] my best furred gown. ... to the church of Sarum, a great missal, covered with red and black bawdekyn, after my decease, to pray for me and my ancestors for ever and to hold my obit yearly, & co., in their default, to abbey of Milton, Dorset, to pray, & co. ... to every priest of Wantynge abiding there and serving God, 3s. 4d. to celebrate and pray for my soul. ... I leave for the amending of the church of Caundell Haddon, one mark. . . . Also I leave my best vestments of red silk gilt, of one suit, viz., a cope and a chasuble, with the tunicles and all their belongings, to the parish church of Wantynge, and there to remain for ever to celebrate for the souls of me and mine for ever. . . . Vestment [described in detail] to chapel of St. Andrew, Caundell Haddon. ... I leave to Richard Whityngton, my son, a silver gilt piece, ywrite around, with a cover of the same make, and a pair [i.e. set] of paternosters of pure gold, enamelled with clear red, with gawds of pure gold enamelled with white in the form of a head of Saint John the Baptist. I leave to my poor tenants of Wantynge Brian, one mark, to John Chidesk, my son. ... Executors Richd. Whityngton, citizen of London, and others. Lands in Wantynch Bryen, Berks, in Wilts and Dorset, for a chaplain who [and his successors, chaplains] shall celebrate daily for ever a mass at the altar of St. John the Baptist, founded in the eastern aisle of the parish church of Wantynch to the honour of God and the blessed Virgin Mary and of all Saints, and for the soul of Margaret, mother of Sir William FitzWaryn, knight; and for the souls of William and Annie, his wife; of Ivo FitzWaryn, knight, founder of this chauntry. son of the aforesaid William ; and of Maud, wife of the said Ivo, and their heirs, and the aforesaid chaplains and succeeding chaplains shall yearly hold an anniversary in the parish church of Wantynch, with the Vicar of the same church and all chaplains and clerks serving in the same church, singing placebo and dirige, with the new ' lection ' and lauds following, scilicet, in the night before the Vigil of the Apostles Simon and Jude, & co. Vicar to have 6d., every other 'capellanus' 4d., sacrist 3d., and each clerk 1d.

Proved 5th February 1414

Taken from A. Gibbins & E.C. Davey's "Wantage Past and Present" (1901)

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