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Lucy Richmond
An Extract from Henry I. Richmond's 'Richmond Family Records Vol. III' (1938)


3. ANTHONY RICHMOND2 (John1) born 1586 or earlier see his gdfather John Cooke's will. He = his 2nd wife Anna or Anne by 1611 or earlier. His being called kinsman by Anth. Hungerford in his will, 17 Coventry, suggests that one of his wives may have been a Hungerford. Anth. sells Weekhurst and other properties in Brinkworth and moves to Idston, Ashbury, where he had a lease of the parsonage by perhaps 1634.
He left a large family, when he died 1649-50, and was survived only a few years by his wife as his dau. Lucy was admin, of her estate by 1653. Children
†9 JOHN,4 b. by 1615 = Anna d. a. 1668.
†10 MARY,4 liv. 1623 = Leonard Bucknor, his w. 1656.
†11 ANTHONY,4 liv. 1649.
†12 ELIZABETH, b. 1619 = Thos. Smith, 2nd— Phillips.
   13 DAY, b. 1620 Nov. 10 at Brinkworth (Bish. Trans).
†14 ANN, unm. 1649.
†15 LUCY, b. 1625, d. 1692 = Sir John Wildman.
†16 JANE, liv. 1670 = Edmond Gardner by 1649.

15. LUCY RICHMOND3 (Anth,2 John1) born 1625 died at Becket 6 Dec, 1692, M.I. Shrivenham, Berks.
2nd wife of Sir John Wildman of Becket. b. 1621, d. 4 June 1693, bu. beside his wife Lucy Richmond.

1649 Dec. 26. "to my dau. Lucy Richmond 100 li to be paid out of my wife's jointure at her decease.'"
= between 26 Dec. 1649 and 3 Oct. 1653.

1653 Oct. 3. "Adms. granted to Lucy Wildman als Richmond." A 2nd grant 1 Oct. 1656. See her father's Will.

1654 John Wildman Esq. PL and Henry White, gent, defor. of the manor of Langley Burrell (described).
F of F. Wilts 1654 Trin. Mem. 11.

1657 Mich. Saml. Ashe Esqr. Pl. and Henry White, gent, John (Wildman and Lucy) his wife and John Richmond, gent. defor. of the manor of Langley Burrell with appur. (illeg.) barns, 1 dove house, 26 gardens, 26 orchards, 100 acres of land. 240 acres of pasture. 20 acres of wood, 100 acres of furze and heath, pasture for all manner of cattle with appur. in Langley Burrell, Hardenhuish (par. of Kingston St. Michael) and also of the advowson of the church of Langley Burrell, etc. (illeg). The aforesaid Henry, John and Lucy and John etc. Further the said John and Lucy do warrant, etc.
F. of F. Wilts, Mich. 1657, mem. 6.

1661 Lucy, his 2nd wife petitioned to share her husband's imprisonment. D.N.B.

1668 Nov. 7 Adm. to his sis. Lucy Wildman of John Richmond, widower, of Becket, par. of Shrivenham.

1670 July 7 Sir John Wildman obtained a license to travel abroad with his wife and son and on the 14th of Oct. he made his will probably before starting. He gave legacies to some of his wife's relatives but most of his property went to his son John by his first wife, This John had no children but adopted a John Shute who became 18t Visc, Barrington. A very full acct, of Sir John Wildman in D.N.B.

Sir John Wildman, Esqr. of Beckett, Shrivenham, Berks. To my most dearly loved and worthy wife Lucy Wildman all those my several tenements and lands with appur. which are let by me at this time and are in the occupation of Henry Pemberton, Edw. Rose and John — of Beckett, yeomen, to my dearest wife for life in lieu of dower. Further I bequeath to my wife such lodgings for herself and her servants in that small house of Beckett aforesaid as she shall in her own discretion choose with all necessary rooms for the greatest convenience of her life that those small buildings will afford, together with one moiety of the use, etc. of all the Court yards, gardens and orchards belonging to the said house of Beckett for life. My will is that my only son John Wildman and his heirs if they shall happen to enjoy the Manor of Beckett shall pay the same respect to her as if the said John Wildman had been born of her body, she having merited the same from him in all things from his infancy. My wife to use whatever furniture belongs to the lodging aforesaid.
To my only son John Wildman all my manors or Lordships of Shrivenham, Beckett and the capital messuage of the same (except what I have given to my dear wife).
To my son my tenement in Idston, called ''Idston half Farm" which I hold of James May Esq. for lives, as also all my right title interest and claim of in or unto the parsonage of Ashbury whereof Idston is a hamlet and also all that my lease and term of years in those meadows called Great Weeks-hill and Weekhill closes, in Ashbury, Rectories, etc., held with Robert Clayton in other places to his son.
Bequest to aged father Jeffrey Wildman of Wreningham. Norf.
To niece Eliz. Sadler late of Beckett, spin. 500 li.
To Jane Gardner of Beckett, widow, an annuity of 20 li out of the manor given to my son John Wildman payments 4 times a year for life.
To Margaret Gardner, dau. of Jane, 100 li to be paid out of sd manors within 3 years of my decease.
To such of the sis. of my dear wife as shall be alive at my death a gold ring in memory of me.
My most dear wife and son Ex'tors.
If son John should die without issue of his body during my life and before my wife all his property to her for life with remainder to Thos. Vane of Fayr Lawne, Kent, Esqr.
If son dies s.p. in my lifetime following bequests viz.—
"To Richmond Smith son of Robert Smith of Wherwell, Hampshire Clerk 200 li and to Margaret Gardner aforesaid 100 li more and to Edward, John and Thos. Gardner sons of Jane Gardner aforesaid wid. to each of them 100 li."
To Wm. Parker of Covent Garden my ancient servant 100 li.
To Eliz. Philips of London, sis. to my dearest wife. 40 li to be paid only unto her particular hands for her single and sep. use her husb. not to intermeddle with the same. To Eliz. Shutford her dau. 20 li.
To Leonard Bucknor son of my said wife's sis. 500 li and to Wm. Bucknor his bro. 100 li.

14 Oct. 1670 John Wildman. Do. Vane. Christ. Vane. Wm Cogges. John Jackson. James Eyres.

30 May 1712 Comm. to John Barrington als Shute of Beckett. P.C.C. Barnes 105.

"Lion holding battle axe*
Knight's Helmet."

or, on a pale az.
3 bezants"



arms of
Rich, de Richmond
Or: on a bend engraled
gules 3 cross
crosslets or.

The body of
Sir John Wildman
of Becket in this parish
Who died 4 June 1693
in the 72† year of his age
Also the body of Dame Lucy his
wife who died 6 Dec. 1692
In the 67 year of her age.

Sir John Wildman of Becket, Knt.
Ald. of London, Postmaster Gen. d 1693
in the 72 year of his age
Dame Lucy Wildman 2nd wife
of Sir John Knt.

Mural Tablets to John [Wildman of] Becket Esq, his son and others [in Shrivenham Church]

* Crest out of a mural crown ar. a demi lion issuant ppr holding a battle axe or, headed also ar: "Wildman of Beaucot, Berks."—Burke.
†The 2 is so worn it looks like 0?

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