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Other Iron Age Swords
from Across the County


An exotic form of early La Tene origin, probably 2nd or 3rd century bc. Almost certainly an import of a rare type of sword with bronze scabbard, sometimes ornamented with stiff fine geometric incisions, only found in and around the Thames

Longworth (Standlake)

Another import of similar exotic early La Tene type. An iron sword with a bronze-mounted scabbard of wood or leather. It has an open chape with curvilinear ornament over a hatched ‘matted’ background pattern. The arched mouth-mount has a decorative locket with remarkable central motif: a thickened loop of inverted ‘gamma’ form in relief against the hatched background. It is of second century date.

Bray (Amerden)

A scabbard of the ‘Hunsbury’ type, of La tene II derivation. This British type of sword was widespread. It carries balanced, yet asymmetrical, designs and dates from the late first century bc.


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