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  Events in Berkshire Rebellions, riots, battles, sieges,  visits, trials, executions, celebrations & gatherings in Berkshire Places in Berkshire Old & New Maps, tours, towns, villages & hamlets in Berkshire People from Berkshire Biographies of lords, politicians, bishops, diplomats, soldiers, villains, inventors, authors and other people from Berkshire. Also families and the gentry database  
  Folklore in Berkshire Ghosts, robbers, eccentrics, knights, kings, saints, demons, monsters & old gods in Berkshire Buildings of Berkshire Country houses, churches, follies, almshouses, institutions, Roman villas & hillforts in Berkshire Art & literature in Berkshire Novels, poetry, songs, plays, paintings, illustrations, stained glass, carvings, statues & monuments in Berkshire
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